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Microsoft Kinect team kicking advertising up a notch.

June 14, 2010 1 comment

So the 1st day of E3 is over with Microsoft bringing out the guns and getting everything started.  From the Xbox 360 slim, Halo : Reach’s campaign’s space battles all the way to Microsoft’s Kinect which comes out in November, today was a very exciting and a great way to kick off this year’s E3.  But Microsoft had one extra trick up their sleeve for some bloggers when they returned to their hotel rooms.  Their bathroom mirrors were turned into giant Kinect ads, giving the example that with Kinect, your body is the controller.  What would you say if you went to E3 and came back to find your bathroom mirror turned into one huge Kinect ad?  Below are pictures of 2 bloggers who found the exact thing.  Trippy aint it?




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Starbucks to start offering free Wi-Fi to all customers starting next month!

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That’s right folks gone are the days of keeping your gift card filled to get free Wi-Fi from Starbucks for 2 hours each day.  Gone are the days of paying $3.99 for 2 hours of Wi-Fi if you don’t have a gift card.  Starbucks has announced that they have teamed up with Yahoo to bring FREE Wi-Fi to all customers starting July 1st.  This free service will be available at all U.S. locations per the official Starbucks twitter account.  No registration required so its even faster to get connected!  With a Starbucks pretty much at every corner now days, its going to be virtually impossible not to find a Wi-Fi connection.



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Want the new iPhone 4? Better pre-order your tomorrow! Find out where to order it here!

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Where To Buy an iPhone 4


The iPhone 4 is coming and you want one in your hands as soon as humanly possible. Upgrades! Retail outlets! Pre-sales! It’s all a bit overwhelming. Take a deep breath: here’s where you can pre-order your new iPhone.

Some things to note:
• All of the locations below offer pre-order, starting tomorrow, except for Walmart, which will just have the new iPhone on launch day.
• is the only place to pre-order online. Update: Apparently you can pre-order online at AT&T starting tomorrow as well.
• AT&T and Apple are the only two of the bunch that sounded confident that you could get your iPhone 4 shipped to your house on the 24th, saving you from potential soul- and body-crushing line experiences on launch day.
• Best Buy’s $50 down payment is in the form of a gift card, so if you change your mind between tomorrow and the 24th, you won’t be out any cash.
• Prices, as previously stated, are $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB for the upgrade eligible; $399 and $499 respectively for an early upgrade.


When and where do I order: At any Apple Store tomorrow at opening or on Apple’s website
When do I get it: On the 24th, at the Apple Store at which you reserved it, or shipped to your house or business.
When do I pay: On the 24th when you pick it up


When and where do I order: At AT&T’s site or In-store at any iPhone-selling AT&T retail location starting tomorrow at opening
When do I get it: on the 24th, at that AT&T location or shipped to your home or business (it’ll arrive on the 24th).
When do I pay: In full tomorrow when you pre-order

Best Buy

When and where do I order: In-store at any Best Buy location starting tomorrow at opening
When do I get it: On the 24th, during an appointment they’ll call you to set up a few days before
When do I pay $50 tomorrow, which goes to a gift card redeemable toward the full price paid on the 24th.


When and where do I order: In-store at any RadioShack location starting tomorrow morning
When do I get it: In that store on the 24th
When do I pay: $50 down payment tomorrow, the rest on the 24th


When and where do I order: In-store at any Walmart location starting on the 24th—no pre-orders
When do I get it: Right when you buy it
When do I pay: Right when you walk in

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What Is Xbox 360 Kinect?

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Found this helpful article over on Gizmodo thought that I would share it on here.


What Is Xbox 360 Kinect?

Cameras? IR emitters? Natal? Kinect? Xbox 360? WTF? Give us three minutes. We can explain everything.

Kinect is a camera for Xbox 360…

Let’s boil this down to its most simple: Kinect is an Xbox 360 peripheral. Think of it as a webcam on steroids that plugs into the console’s USB port that looks like it belongs with a PS3.

…formerly known as Project Natal

Yes, you’ve heard "Project Natal" for a year now—and we’ve covered "Natal" extensively (readthis and this if you haven’t). That was just the working title. Now, it’s called Kinect…which is horribly confusing to those of us who played Nike Kinetic on Sony’s EyeToy, right?

…that uses IR to track you in 3D space…

So Kinect is smarter than your average webcam. First, it has excellent sight thanks to its secret trick: spotlighting the room with invisible infrared light. The camera sees you wonderfully thanks to this infrared. And, coupled with some advanced software that will run on the 360, it can track 48 points of your body in realtime for up to two players simultaneously.

…plus some other goodies…

Kinect is equipped with a microphone so you can talk to the 360. Also, it doesn’t just see you in IR; it can also film you in full RGB color, recognizing your face to automatically sign you in. And its tilt? Fully motorized to track you! Oohhhh.

…equipped with a interface all its own…

When Kinect is equipped, you’ll use a separate menu system than you’ve known on the 360. It’s simpler, ditching tabs for simpler iconography. To load Netflix, you can wave to hit the Netflix button, or you just say "Netflix." Pause by telling it to pause or reaching in the air to grab a virtual pause button.

…and Skype-like chat software called "videokinect"…

Whether your friends are on Xbox Live or Windows Live Messenger, you can video chat with them. But you can also do some other neat stuff, like watch a video together. And as mentioned above, it can track you in realtime thanks to motion sensing and the motorized tilt.

…that’s coming this November for an undisclosed price….

November 4th, to be exact. Likely for $150.

…with 15 launch titles…

What Is Xbox 360 Kinect?

…including 6 bundled games at launch…

What Is Xbox 360 Kinect?
The four we heard about:
Kinectimals—think Nintendogs in HD with deadly, endangered species.
Kinect Sports—Microsoft’s answer to Wii Sports (with bowling, soccer, ping pong, track & field, boxing and volleyball).
Kinect Joy Ride—a zany racing game that we found fun but a touch loose in terms of controls
Kinect Adventures!—"jump, duck and dodge" as you ride through various obstacle courses (20 in all)

…and a few others available from third parties, too…

Your Shape Fitness Evolved—Ubsisoft fitness game with potential depth and plenty of polish
Dance Central—a hip hop dance game by Harmonix…way more advanced (and potentially embarrassing) than DDR
Star Wars: We don’t know much about the upcoming LucasArts Star Wars Kinect title, but it involves lightsabers and cartoonish graphics (but not due until 2011)
Unnamed (Forza?) racing title from Turn 10: It’s a realistic racing game from the guys who made Forza that looks more polished than anything else we’ve seen thus far (due 2011)

…that’s not quite perfect as a gaming peripheral…

Kinect is truly impressive in our early hands-ons, no doubt. It can track your full body as you spike a volleyball, or it can just watch your hands as you mime a steering wheel. But there’s a perpetual, slight lag. And, in the game demos we’ve seen and tried, frame rates in even these somewhat simple games can suffer—most probably because Kinect requires the Xbox 360 to process all of its data—there’s no internal processor in their final build of the device.

…but has a TON of potential for the living room…

Even if Microsoft never eliminates Kinect’s lag, its functionality as an invisible remote is way more enticing than some 200-button universal.

…and is considered to be the "endgame" of the platform.

Microsoft told us last year, Kinect is more than just an attempt to clone the Wiimote. It may very well bridge the gap between the Xbox 360 and the inevitable Xbox 720.



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New Xbox 360 shipping today, still costs $299

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Its smaller, better, faster, has a better hard drive, and now has built in wireless!  Microsoft unveiled today their new Xbox 360 design, now packing a 250GB hard drive and built in wireless-n.  Microsoft’s Don Mattrick said it will be in stores by the end of the week, and will still cost $299.  So is it time to trade in your old and lanky 360?

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