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Attention all Netflix users!!! The official Netflix iPhone app is now live!

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

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Ok so a few weeks ago, I posted up a handy little guide from lifehacker  on how to get Netflix instant streaming on your jailbroken iPhone, and needless to say, it worked like a charm!  The only problem with that was that you needed a jailbroken iPhone.  Well today, all you do-gooders who still have yet to jailbreak your iPhone can rejoice!  Netflix has finally shown some love to the iPhone community and released the Netflix app for the iPhone.  With the Netflix iPhone app, you are able to also do the instant streaming to your iPhone using either your 3G connection or a Wi-Fi hotspot.  Never have I wished to have the unlimited data package for my iPhone 4 till today.  Yes the app still does have a few small quirks that get to me, like when your scrolling through the app it seems to hang a little bit, and on the instant streaming the video did pause on me for a few seconds while streaming through Wi-Fi.  But other then that, finally getting Netflix instant streaming on a mobile device makes catching up on my instant queue so much easier!

Netflix on the Wii!

April 12, 2010 Leave a comment


Thats right all you Nintendo Wii owners, that time that you all have been waiting for has arrived, Netflix for the Wii!  In order to get the instant streaming onto your Wii, you first need to get the online streaming disk just how the PS3 does it, but its free anyways so if you have a Wii and netflix, go to to go order your own disk and let the instant streaming begin!

And now for all of the smart people who caught on and said…but wait…the Wii don’t have any high definition cables…guess what….yup! you can only watch videos in standard definition anyways lol.  So if your one of them people who only have a Wii or dont care about HD, go hit up the link above and order your streaming disk today! If simple stuff like HD matters, or if you have a 360 or a PS3, go with them for your netflix needs.


Hows that for timing, right after I finished my post about this, I received the email from Netflix advising me about this…haha

Source : Mashable , Netflix

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